3 Tips to Organize Your Days

3 tips for you day blogWhen you have a zillion things to do it’s easy to get off track. Here are three tips that I think will help everyone have a more productive day!⁣

1) Do a Walk Through – Taking the time to step through a mental rehearsal will help you get ready for a successful day.⁣ It’s important that you do it in a way that works for you. If you are a night owl, make it the last thing you do at night. If you love lists, jot it down in your daily planner. Morning or night, written or in your mind, do it in a way that’s comfortable for you to make it a lasting practice.

2) Schedule Play Time – Whatever makes you happier and healthier should be part of your plan. Not something you get around to later.⁣ This can be anything from 15 minutes of Facebook time to your hour at the gym. What do you need to feel happy and thrive? Don’t let it be an afterthought. Also, we tend to recall the things on our “to do” list. Take the time for yourself and acknowledge how important it is for a more productive life.

3) Don’t Overplan – Things are bound to happen that you didn’t anticipate. Make sure you have space in your schedule to deal with them.⁣ If you can’t stand the thought of wasted time consider having an “I could always” list. That’s a list of things that need doing but aren’t urgent.

These are three simple things that help me stay on track every day with the help of my practical bullet journal. What do you think? Would this help you? Do you have any great tips to share?