3 Surprising Social Media Stats

Sprout Social reports that when we ask social media consumers about why they follow brands on social media 47% say they have a product or service question. 29% say it’s because they need help with a product or service. That is 76% seeking specific customer service on Social Media.

Are you available on social to answer questions? Are you offering information about your products and services? One way to encourage the conversation on Facebook is through chat automation.

It won’t surprise you that 50% of social media consumers follow brands to learn more about the products and services. The next most common reason to follow a brand is to be entertained. Entertainment can be jokes, videos, stories and more.

When thinking about entertaining your social followers, it’s important that you have a good understanding of your audience. Who are you talking to and what sort of content can you offer?

Many clients I talk to worry about over posting on social media. Social Media consumers never list too many posts as a reason to unfollow. The most prominent reasons are irrelevant content (51%) and to many ads (43%). You may be surprised to learn that 29% will unfollow if their interactions are ignored.

I think these stats make it clear the importance of the type of content you you share. Your followers want to know about your brand but they also want to be entertained and have a two way relationship. How do you do all of these things while staying true to your brand?

Download my Free Social Media Plan Worksheet to help get your social media content on point!

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