Wanna Chat about your Business?

Oh sure, it sounds fancy. Business Consultation. But it really just means people exchanging ideas. If you find someone with a special skill set to exchange ideas about an issue or question you get to slap that fancy title on it. Guess what! I’ve been solving business problems of all sorts for over a decade and I’m here to chat with you about your business.

If you are like me, the unknown can be a little nerve-wracking. That’s why I’ve outlined what can you expect when you book a chat about your business with me. I hope it will help you decide if this is an investment that can help move you forward.  Let’s dive into a session.

Pre-call questions. When you book a chat with me I start by asking for you to answer three questions before we get on the phone or video call. This helps me get a feeling of where you are coming from before we begin. The questions are;

  1. Describe your business. If you have a mission statement, this a great place to use it! What do you do, who do you do it for, and why?
  2. What is your greatest asset(s)?
  3. What is your current challenge(s)?

Getting to know you. At the beginning of our call, I like to take 5 to 10 minutes just to get to know you. We will talk about your accomplishments, your strengths, and your past endeavors. It’s important that I understand where you are comfortable to make really good recommendations. If you want to know more about me I’m happy to answer any questions. You can also check out my background here and on my Linked In Profile.

Discussing the issues. Finally, we will dive into the issues. If you aren’t sure what you need I’ll simply be asking probing questions about the state of the business. It’s important to be ready to answer things about planning, structure, and management. This part might be a little uncomfortable if you aren’t used to it but I promise to make it as easy as possible.

The final report.  After our session, I will provide you with a written recap of our time together. It will include the topics we discussed and my recommendations on how to tackle them. When possible, I will provide both do it yourself options and outsourcing recommendations.

Credit for the consultation. If you choose to move forward with one of my other services within 3 months of our initial consult, the cost of the consult will be credited on your next service.

So that’s it. Just a simple chat about your business with someone who really wants to help. Book your session today or email me to chat more about it.




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