My Values

Core ValuesMy mission at Gefjon’s Gifts is Embracing Your Values, Serving Your Business. I spend a lot of time talking about how important your values are to running a successful business that fits into your life and fulfills your personal needs. As a small business owner, it’s just as important for me. I thought you might like to know a little bit about Gefjon’s Gifts values and why they are so important to me. I wrote these with some potential future in which GG isn’t just little ol’ me so please forgive all of the “royal we’s”.

It’s Personal – At Gefjon’s Gifts it’s always personal. We put people first. Clients, their employees, their customers, and the public interest is at the core of everything we do. Above all we are respectful.

At the tender age of 42, I’ve spent more than 2 decades working for various small, medium and large businesses. One of the most reliable indicators for how happy (and therefore productive) I have been at any of them is how well everyone was treated. When you put people first it shows.

Keep On Learning – You can always rely on change. While some tools that help people succeed in business seem constant, others evolve or dissipate completely. We strive to learn all about them so we can help people navigate changing landscapes.

I love technology. I know, it’s weird. I recognize that it comes with a lot of pain points but as long as we are still putting people first I don’t think there is anything to fear. I was going to keep on learning about this stuff one way or the other. I may as well tell you it’s something I find very important and valuable 🙂

Always Mean It – We mean what we say and we say what we mean. We are sincere in our dealings with everyone and candid about our capabilities. We won’t always be a good fit. You won’t always like our advice. We won’t always be able to offer what you need. If you need to look elsewhere, we will try to help you find the right resource.

People lie. People also say things they think are true but it turns out they aren’t. I might be a little too literal at times. It’s just really important to me that my word has weight always meaning it is my final core value.

So those are my values. I welcome your feedback. What are your values?

2 thoughts on “My Values

  1. This is lovely! Not sure this is the kind of feedback you want, but there’s a typo in “cor” of the second to last paragraph. I’m enjoying your writing!


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