Gefjon’s Gifts

Gefjon is a Norse goddess of agriculture, abundance, and prosperity.  She traveled through Sweden disguised as a homeless woman. When she appeared before the generous King Gylfi, he granted her as much land as four oxen could plow in one day. Gefjon summoned her four sons, which she had had by an unnamed giant, and turned them into oxen to plow the land. Not only did they plow the land; they also dragged it from Sweden, where the resulting depression became the lake Mälaren, and out into the ocean, where it became the Danish island of Zealand, upon which the city of Copenhagen is today located.

Hi, I’m Kandy. I’ve been a practicing pagan for more than 20 years. I organize the Long Beach Pagan Meetup and The Nerdy Witches Study group. I volunteer with Pacific Circle Revival and Pagan Pride LA/OC. Professionally, I have been a very busy project manager for more than a decade and now manage my organization’s Project Management Office. Gefjon uses her assets and opportunities to get stuff done. As a project manager by trade and an organizer at heart I feel blessed with Gefjons Gifts. I hope to share them with you so we can all make a plan that feeds our strengths and get more of the important things done.